to expand outdoor activities. Two days one night, is experiencing challenges and how the storm? The excursions, divided into the red team, yellow team, blue team three teams together to experience the German share of courage and solidarity fossil Longxi drifting need, risking wind and rain into the mountains to enjoy the unique scenery - Dai Sin waterfall, understand our unique heritage - Yunlong Valley. In this trip, the staff encountered many difficulties and obstacles than we estimated, the power of solidarity, to solve all the problems. Muddy road, wind and rain intersection, every player in order to ensure the safety of the players side, hand in hand, encouraging each other, really feel the sense of team. This is an outdoor development, in fact, it is a challenge, 
but a challenge, so that employees feel a part of that sincere emotion, in the challenge,adidas 11pro trx fgevery player still with lovely smile. Europe's largest sporting goods maker Adidas Group will invest 100 million euros in the Olympic Games in London, Herbert Hainer, president of the group on Tuesday in London, said the group wants to use the Olympics to create a platform to become the market leader in the UK regions. In accordance with the terms of sales, the adidas Group to 2% of the difference is behind the market leader Nike Group. Adidas Group in 2015 to surpass the latest Nike Group, a market dominated by. But Hainer absolutely unpublished data. Adidas Group sales of 12.5 billion euros, about 10 percent of investment flows to the football field. In addition, Hainer, 
Adidas Group also announced in 2016 will not be held in Rio de Janeiro Olympics investments of the same size. The group has also decided not to apply for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic sponsors, because the Brazilian market in 2013 will be ahead of the Confederations Cup and  adidas predator instinct fg World Cup 2014 to be held at the local occupation. Adidas Group during the British occupation of the market has made tremendous progress. The Group's first quarter sales in the UK increased by 19%, sales in the rest of Europe increased by only 10%. The Group as LOCOG sponsors will appear in the 2012