for the general runners launched the "popular" running shoes. With swaying bamboo as a source of inspiration, the designers of lightweight running shoe with  air jordan 3 breathable concept to the next level in the design of the structure joined the bionic principle, ensuring a comfortable and breathable while providing effective protection run, but made "Heart free light through the run, and heavy all say goodbye," the idea of ??running, to allow consumers to enjoy a stylish, comfortable and freedom of movement of life, ran a "new" self. A platform for dialogue with runners running 
experience area outside the track, will become the majority of runners alternative venue. It is reported that, in order to make the general public more involved in running sports in the past, not just the spectators outside the track, during the Lanzhou International Marathon, Jordan sports experience zone will be set up in the sports court, launched the "light through the run? Heart at ease" series theme activities, running enthusiasts try "Jordan" light through the series popular running shoes, scene treadmill challenge, send microblogging and @ Jordan sports 
official microblogging is possible to obtain this award Lanzhou Marathon clothes, feel the championship honors. This year is the second year of Jordan sports hand in hand with the Lanzhou International Marathon, Jordan sports hope that through this in-depth cooperation to bring more opportunities for sports and cultural dialogue  air jordan 6 with the public, and jointly promote the marathon pace and fitness movement in Lanzhou, thus contributing to the healthy development of Chinese sports industry. Recently, the "Pegasus," said the 2012 Tianjin International Marathon in Wuqing District Government Plaza before firing to start running, this year's competition attracted participants from 23 countries and regions, 10,244 contestants, the final player from Kenya Diao