volunteers, news reporters allot appropriate clothing. Scene in the game, special steps, vice president of China Ltd. Brand  told reporters: "sponsor Tianjin International Marathon, Tianjin and because we have a common philosophy Our philosophy is propaganda Xtep Aite step, this modern love running Tianjin port. City attaches great importance to the marathon. Now the marathon is not a pure sports, it has evolved in the direction of all the people involved, and the 5 km and 10 km race into them by the Tianjin Sports Bureau and Competition Group contact committee, we learned that the Tianjin group activities was booming, in the streets, parks, plazas, everywhere we see  nike magista obra fg people jogging, Tianjin and down again in advocating running exercise. 
Just because we consistent with the idea, and soon the two sides entered into a collaboration, and implemented. "It is reported that, in addition to sponsoring the Tianjin International Marathon, the current special steps also sponsored the Xiamen International Marathon, Zhengkai International Marathon, Lhasa International Half Marathon, Xi'an City Wall International Marathon, Hangzhou International Marathon, Dalian International Marathon, the Hong Kong International Marathon, Yangzhou International Half Marathon Marathon, a total of nine, is currently the largest sports brand sponsored marathon. This year is the first year to join the special steps, this special steps with the Tianjin International Marathon in cooperation with the "Pegasus", not only 
to promote the development of Tianjin marathon and fitness movement, has successfully strengthened the depth of cooperation with Tianjin Xtep brand sports. Xtep hope and Tianjin Marathon marathon together with the promotion of sports culture spread in Tianjin, in advocating a national sport, while Tianjin with marathon create a new  nike mercurial superfly fg urban culture and sports cards. Recently, in the major micro-blog, the blog so hot expanded at an outdoor event attracted the attention of many fans. "There are dreams, there is the future!", "Passion blue team, shared future", "yellow team yellow team, difficult to know subside and go forward." An mighty team appeared in Chinese porcelain - Dehua. In fact, this is a company organized Rooster theme of unity and cooperation