London Olympics. In addition the group also became the other 10 countries BOCOG sponsors France, Germany, 70,000 Olympic volunteers provide uniforms for both. Hainer said Adidas Group of 26 will be 25 sports provide athletic footwear, apparel and equipment, not including horse riding sport. German athletes will wear the adidas Group costumes gold medal awarded at the ceremony, wearing Bogner brand apparel (BOGNER) at the opening ceremony. 30, 2009, came two billion yuan contract for five years, Li Ning, Anta succeed to  cheap toms shoes become the main sponsor of the CBA, 
350 million yuan and 50 million yuan of sports equipment to the Basketball Association news paid annually. Basketball subordinates responsible for commercial promotion of general manager Xue Yunfei basket company, said: "No contract, there are some details still under discussion." Anta Xu Assistant to the President said: "The negotiations are still among the specific information to disclose. "Li Ning signed a reluctant employee said:" We were waiting for the last message, "Xue Yunfei told reporters, CBA and Infront China is expected to formally signed in June. "Because the CBA main Renxin Lan Cheng and party secretary Liu xiao nong currently not in Beijing," said one insider. After completion of the CBA and Infront signing, who will become the main sponsor
 of the news CBA will subsequently released. Super Big Brother and compared this, CBA is developing rapidly in recent years, attention and influence  toms shoes mens are straight up, CBA in the summer can be so concerned about attracting sponsors, indicating the future prospects are promising. However, CBA wants the Chinese first name of the first sports league in line, there are many problems to be solved. The first is how such a large sum of money to spend, can be used where it is most needed. To be sure, the club will get more into the past CBA club can only be assigned to one or two million a year from the cost of the CBA, basicall