to expand outdoor activities. Two days one night, is experiencing challenges and how the storm? The excursions, divided into the red team, yellow team, blue team three teams together to experience the German share of courage and solidarity fossil Longxi drifting need, risking wind and rain into the mountains to enjoy the unique scenery - Dai Sin waterfall, understand our unique heritage - Yunlong Valley. In this trip, the staff encountered many difficulties and obstacles than we estimated, the power of solidarity, to solve all the problems. Muddy road, wind and rain intersection, every player in order to ensure the safety of the players side, hand in hand, encouraging each other, really feel the sense of team. This is an outdoor development, in fact, it is a challenge, 
but a challenge, so that employees feel a part of that sincere emotion, in the challenge,adidas 11pro trx fgevery player still with lovely smile. Europe's largest sporting goods maker Adidas Group will invest 100 million euros in the Olympic Games in London, Herbert Hainer, president of the group on Tuesday in London, said the group wants to use the Olympics to create a platform to become the market leader in the UK regions. In accordance with the terms of sales, the adidas Group to 2% of the difference is behind the market leader Nike Group. Adidas Group in 2015 to surpass the latest Nike Group, a market dominated by. But Hainer absolutely unpublished data. Adidas Group sales of 12.5 billion euros, about 10 percent of investment flows to the football field. In addition, Hainer, 
Adidas Group also announced in 2016 will not be held in Rio de Janeiro Olympics investments of the same size. The group has also decided not to apply for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic sponsors, because the Brazilian market in 2013 will be ahead of the Confederations Cup and  adidas predator instinct fg World Cup 2014 to be held at the local occupation. Adidas Group during the British occupation of the market has made tremendous progress. The Group's first quarter sales in the UK increased by 19%, sales in the rest of Europe increased by only 10%. The Group as LOCOG sponsors will appear in the 2012
 for the general runners launched the "popular" running shoes. With swaying bamboo as a source of inspiration, the designers of lightweight running shoe with  air jordan 3 breathable concept to the next level in the design of the structure joined the bionic principle, ensuring a comfortable and breathable while providing effective protection run, but made "Heart free light through the run, and heavy all say goodbye," the idea of ??running, to allow consumers to enjoy a stylish, comfortable and freedom of movement of life, ran a "new" self. A platform for dialogue with runners running 
experience area outside the track, will become the majority of runners alternative venue. It is reported that, in order to make the general public more involved in running sports in the past, not just the spectators outside the track, during the Lanzhou International Marathon, Jordan sports experience zone will be set up in the sports court, launched the "light through the run? Heart at ease" series theme activities, running enthusiasts try "Jordan" light through the series popular running shoes, scene treadmill challenge, send microblogging and @ Jordan sports 
official microblogging is possible to obtain this award Lanzhou Marathon clothes, feel the championship honors. This year is the second year of Jordan sports hand in hand with the Lanzhou International Marathon, Jordan sports hope that through this in-depth cooperation to bring more opportunities for sports and cultural dialogue  air jordan 6 with the public, and jointly promote the marathon pace and fitness movement in Lanzhou, thus contributing to the healthy development of Chinese sports industry. Recently, the "Pegasus," said the 2012 Tianjin International Marathon in Wuqing District Government Plaza before firing to start running, this year's competition attracted participants from 23 countries and regions, 10,244 contestants, the final player from Kenya Diao
 Ni and Pugaidiqi respectively 2 hours 16 minutes 16 seconds and 2 hours 37 minutes 22 seconds to win the men's and women marathon champion. It is understood that since the eighties of the last century, Tianjin took the lead in organizing the size and influence are great marathon. Repeated run game experience, has been the Tianjin Municipal Government and the Chinese Athletics active support and attention, but also by the general public are welcome Tianjin. It is reported that this marathon since finishing in front Wuqing District Government Square. Events are divided into male and female marathon (42.195 km); 5 km of male and female mini-marathon and 10 km. nike hypervenom phantomThere are five major highlight of the tournament are: First, the full marathon route
 in an area (Wuqing), this is the first time in Tianjin. Second, the Marathon race route is flat, beautiful environment. Third, high level players, more quantity, more than the previous. More than at home and abroad to participate in the competition will be high-level athletes. Four bonus amount is high and attractive. Male and female full marathon first prize are 30,000 US dollars. In addition, 10 km, 5 km marathon of the top three will also get a bonus. Total prize money of more than one million yuan each, has a strong appeal. Five is the first time Athletics Association 
certified timing chip timing system and monitor and improve the technological content and level of event organization, in order to make a success of Marathon Runners to provide effective protection and services. Reporters learned from the Organizing Committee, the tournament will be held nike mercurial vapor ix also by major companies and businesses of all ages, in addition to some of the city sponsored events outside companies for their support, the famous fashion sports brand Xtep Group company for the first time to join the Tianjin International Marathon, become the only designated sports equipment sponsor of the tournament. As a sponsor, special steps will not only provide all the more than ten thousand athletes, referees participating clothing, but also for the tournament staff,
 volunteers, news reporters allot appropriate clothing. Scene in the game, special steps, vice president of China Ltd. Brand  told reporters: "sponsor Tianjin International Marathon, Tianjin and because we have a common philosophy Our philosophy is propaganda Xtep Aite step, this modern love running Tianjin port. City attaches great importance to the marathon. Now the marathon is not a pure sports, it has evolved in the direction of all the people involved, and the 5 km and 10 km race into them by the Tianjin Sports Bureau and Competition Group contact committee, we learned that the Tianjin group activities was booming, in the streets, parks, plazas, everywhere we see  nike magista obra fg people jogging, Tianjin and down again in advocating running exercise. 
Just because we consistent with the idea, and soon the two sides entered into a collaboration, and implemented. "It is reported that, in addition to sponsoring the Tianjin International Marathon, the current special steps also sponsored the Xiamen International Marathon, Zhengkai International Marathon, Lhasa International Half Marathon, Xi'an City Wall International Marathon, Hangzhou International Marathon, Dalian International Marathon, the Hong Kong International Marathon, Yangzhou International Half Marathon Marathon, a total of nine, is currently the largest sports brand sponsored marathon. This year is the first year to join the special steps, this special steps with the Tianjin International Marathon in cooperation with the "Pegasus", not only 
to promote the development of Tianjin marathon and fitness movement, has successfully strengthened the depth of cooperation with Tianjin Xtep brand sports. Xtep hope and Tianjin Marathon marathon together with the promotion of sports culture spread in Tianjin, in advocating a national sport, while Tianjin with marathon create a new  nike mercurial superfly fg urban culture and sports cards. Recently, in the major micro-blog, the blog so hot expanded at an outdoor event attracted the attention of many fans. "There are dreams, there is the future!", "Passion blue team, shared future", "yellow team yellow team, difficult to know subside and go forward." An mighty team appeared in Chinese porcelain - Dehua. In fact, this is a company organized Rooster theme of unity and cooperation
 London Olympics. In addition the group also became the other 10 countries BOCOG sponsors France, Germany, 70,000 Olympic volunteers provide uniforms for both. Hainer said Adidas Group of 26 will be 25 sports provide athletic footwear, apparel and equipment, not including horse riding sport. German athletes will wear the adidas Group costumes gold medal awarded at the ceremony, wearing Bogner brand apparel (BOGNER) at the opening ceremony. 30, 2009, came two billion yuan contract for five years, Li Ning, Anta succeed to  cheap toms shoes become the main sponsor of the CBA, 
350 million yuan and 50 million yuan of sports equipment to the Basketball Association news paid annually. Basketball subordinates responsible for commercial promotion of general manager Xue Yunfei basket company, said: "No contract, there are some details still under discussion." Anta Xu Assistant to the President said: "The negotiations are still among the specific information to disclose. "Li Ning signed a reluctant employee said:" We were waiting for the last message, "Xue Yunfei told reporters, CBA and Infront China is expected to formally signed in June. "Because the CBA main Renxin Lan Cheng and party secretary Liu xiao nong currently not in Beijing," said one insider. After completion of the CBA and Infront signing, who will become the main sponsor
 of the news CBA will subsequently released. Super Big Brother and compared this, CBA is developing rapidly in recent years, attention and influence  toms shoes mens are straight up, CBA in the summer can be so concerned about attracting sponsors, indicating the future prospects are promising. However, CBA wants the Chinese first name of the first sports league in line, there are many problems to be solved. The first is how such a large sum of money to spend, can be used where it is most needed. To be sure, the club will get more into the past CBA club can only be assigned to one or two million a year from the cost of the CBA, basicall